Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Portable Propane Heater for Camping Enthusiasts

For those folks who love camping, a portable propane heater can be a life saver when the weather turns bad, providing fast heat to dry out wet clothes, warm you up and make you more comfortable. But which one do you choose and what are the most important factors that come into play when making that decision?

This article takes a look at some of the more important points that would govern your decision on the right camping propane heater for your needs. It also provides some recommendations on popular models to give you a better idea what there is available for you.

Benefits of Portable Propane Heaters for Campers

Getting back to nature and camping out in a tent can be a great experience as long as you take the bare essentials along to make it as comfortable as possible without bringing everything including the kitchen sink. It beats going in an RV which is just a home away from home but on wheels!

But when things turn cold and worse, wet as well, you might thank providence for deciding to bring a portable heater with you for comfort. There are several benefits to choosing this type of heat source for when you decide to get out in the wilds away from the conveniences of modern life, so let's take a look here:

  • Inexpensive: They don't cost much to buy and propane refills are relatively cheap too
  • Lightweight: Modern portable gas heaters are compact and don't weigh much
  • Convenient: Simple to use when you're away from civilization's conveniences
  • Availability of fuel: You can get gas refills in hardware stores everywhere
  • Off Grid: No electricity outlets in the boonies. But with propane, you carry your fuel with you

So you see there are plenty of great reasons to chose a small, lightweight gas heater to take camping with you. They don't costs much to buy or to run and they provide much needed heat when you need it, fast!

Are Camping Gas Heaters Safe?

Modern propane fuelled portable heaters are far safer than they used to be, with the latest safety features built into their design. Units are sealed against leaks and while general safety precautions should be adhered to inside a tent, these devices can still get hot to the touch and cause skin burns if you come into prolonged contact with them.

Some of the better units can also resist being accidentally knocked over without setting light to the contents of your tent with a tip-over safety shut off, although you may not want to test that feature out.

What About Fuel Economy?

Being concerned about how effectively a heater uses its fuel is important because when you are off grid. That's because you may be many miles from the nearest hardware store and a refill.

So you need to make the fuel last as long as possible while still providing the heat you need from a compact unit. Modern units burn at high efficiency meaning more of the fuel is converted into heat. That simply means the fuel you have will last longer.

As an example, the compact Little Buddy portable model (Mr Heater Corp) can run for 5 1/2 hours at 3800 btu/hour on a standard 16 oz. disposable cylinder. You might want to read more about this particular model - we feature it in a separate article.


  1. I love camping but I hate being cold. I use a small, portable propane heater that is easy to carry and doesn't use much gas to keep my tent warm and snug!

  2. I'm a big camping fan and getting cold is not one of the things I enjoy. So I always take along my compact propane heater to keep the chill away. I can't do without it!